A New Beginning…

Hello to anyone reading this. That would probably just be my Mum, then. Haha.

It never ceases to amaze me what a bit of sea air can do to my imagination. My brain seems to go into overdrive and I can’t stop thinking. I’ve just returned from a week in a tiny village called Winterton-on-Sea in Norfolk, where I stayed in a little cottage by the sea and watched stars through a skylight in my bedroom. It was, quite simply, magnificent. (Well, magnificent aside from the lack of phone signal! Twitter withdrawal is an ugly thing.)

Whilst there, and during one of the rare moments my iPhone gave me access to Twitter, a job opportunity arose to be part of the Domestic Sluttery team. Their blog is just gorgeous, with lifestyle tips aplenty for the working, cocktail-loving, vintage-wearing woman. Basically, me.

The brief was simple – give them a dummy article, and a link to your blog. Ah. Bollocks. All those ‘I must get a blog one of these days’ moments flashed before my eyes, and I realised I had been literally missing out on an opportunity. My head is full of stuff I ‘keep meaning’ to do and ‘keep meaning’ to share, and there really is No Day But Today to do it. So here we go. (I didn’t get the job, but I owe the Domestic Sluttery team a massive favour and a giant cupcake for giving me a reason to finally start blogging.)

I guess this post is supposed to tell you a bit about myself. I hate that. You don’t want my life story. Not even the summary. How do people know the answer to a question like ‘Who are you?’ Do you just instinctively know? I’m ‘reserved/loud/girly/sexy/confident/a stickler for rules/the life and soul?’ I’m pretty sure I’m all of those things sometimes. I can tell you the bare facts – I’m Laura, 21, living at home with my parents, studying an English Degree at KCL, writing for Student Savvy, and working part time as a wine adviser/customer service adviser in a Wine Company. But that doesn’t tell you anything about me, really.

So, who am I? Well, that’s just it. I don’t know. I change, back and forth, daily. Sometimes I’m academic and cultured, sometimes I prefer the simple things like X-Factor and Come Dine With Me. Sometimes I wear glasses, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I dress like I’ve jumped right out of the 1940s, sometimes I dress like I’ve just walked out of Topshop. Sometimes I’m loud and thoughtless, sometimes I’m reserved and the soul of discretion. Sometimes I fancy the pants off David Tennant, sometimes… well, no, that one’s pretty constant, actually. 😉 The fact is I’m not really anything – I’m everything. Well, most things. I’m pretty sure I’m not a murderer or good at football. So I’m most things. You make up your mind.


5 thoughts on “A New Beginning…

  1. Great opener, Laura. Now the trick is to keep it up. (I read somewhere that the majority of blogs consist of three posts: the “hello I have a blog” post; the “I don’t know what else to say” post and finally the “here’s a picture of my cat” post.)

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