No mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller…

So, I’d be stupid to miss out on the opportunity to blog about Halloween ON HALLOWEEN, right? Especially as night has well and truly fallen and I’m typing this by candlelight. No, I am not in costume.

I suppose I should start by saying that – as you may have guessed from my last (and first) entry – I do not want to be a selfish blogger. You do not want to read my inane prattlings every day, so some (indeed I hope many) of my blogs will contain something I think you might find interesting. I spend a truly unhealthy amount of time on Twitter and perusing blogs, so I hope I find some pretty things on my travels that I can share.

The first of these is entirely selfish on my part – here is an article I recently wrote on Student Savvy about some funny Halloween costumes you might want to try. Although I suppose telling you I wrote it at about two in the morning on the day of my deadline will give you an idea of its quality.

The second of these may make me appear somewhat obsessed with Domestic Sluttery, as I’ve mentioned them in every post so far, (eep) but I couldn’t resist sharing this veritable orgasm in the world of Pumpkin Pie recipes.

Before I go, I felt compelled to mention I’m a massive sissy. I don’t watch horror movies – in fact I despise them – because they mostly make me stay up all night scared of axe-murderers/zombies and the like (I only recently watched Michael Jackson’s Thriller for the first time!). Some people seem to love that, but I just don’t see the point in scaring myself witless. I suppose I have my overactive imagination to blame for that.

It is this passionate dislike of horror that makes me love Halloween so much. While some people revel in 31st October as the opportunity to watch the most arse-messingly horrific films they know back to back until they are numb from fear (well, this is what I imagine happens based on what I predict would happen to me – yes, I’m pathetic), I prefer to take the opportunity to celebrate the silliness of horror, listen to the Monster Mash and give lots of sweeties to the adorable kids dressed as four foot Frankenstein’s Monsters that grace my doorstep. For me, Halloween isn’t about being scared, it’s about making light of the dark.

Now I’m off apple-bobbing and to watch Thriller.


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