The obligatory ‘here is my cat’ post…

IMG_0151Well, I was told in the comments for my first post that the third blog post is supposedly the ‘Here is a picture of my cat’ post, so… here is a picture of my cat. She’s called Elphaba (anyone who isn’t aware of the musical Wicked will go ‘Elphawha?’ but it’s the name of the wicked witch) and I rescued her when she was four weeks old.

Some kids found her outside my apartment and had been trying to find her owner for hours. She was all thin and shaky and it was sort of inevitable that I would adopt her. So, after no one reported her missing, I took her in. She’s about 18 months old now. Her favourite things are stealing food, doing somersaults (no, really) and punching people. And I love her.

She’s cute, but she poses a problem. Because, apparently, the fact that I have a cat and the fact I’m single are intrinsically linked. Unmarried women with cats are apparently old maids and crazy. Where does this come from?! Does that mean that all unmarried women without a cat are by default sex on legs getting it ‘daily, nightly and ever so rightly’? (J.D from Scrubs, I love you.) And I suppose all the people submitting LOLcats are poor old biddies with a blue rinse and incredibly bad grammar? Well, I hope I’m living proof that it’s all bollocks. I’m not crazy. Much.


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