Stuff I ♥: Cybercandy

twinkiesGood evening!

I am attempting to write something every day for now (apparently this will keep you coming back… mwahaha), only that pesky dissertation keeps getting in the way of my blogging so I haven’t got time to wax lyrical about anything meaningful today. So, I’ve decided to start a series of blog entries entitled ‘Stuff I Love‘ in order to share with you some of my favourite discoveries (and as a massive cop-out because I have nothing of interest to say today.)

Today it is the turn of Cybercandy.

I first discovered Cybercandy when on a trip to the theatre with my friend Stephanie. We were going to see Jerry Springer The Opera (amazing show, by the way) at the Cambridge Theatre (at Seven Dials) and whilst walking to the theatre down Shelton Street we passed a man on his mobile. A fully grown man, only as he ran past us he was excitedly squealing ‘I’ll be there in ten minutes – I’m going to the sweetie shop!!’ We could not resist but follow.

Sure enough, there on Shelton Street was a sweet shop: Cybercandy. Only it’s a sweet shop like no other – they import the best sweets, chocolate, cereal (Lucky Charms!) and all sorts of other sugar-trips from all over the world. Gorgeous.

My favourite discovery from Cybercandy (and the reason I keep going back – even though the store has now moved to Garrick Street) are Twinkies. If you’ve been to the States, you’ll probably know all about them and have stuffed your face with a few. Vanilla sponge fingers filled with cream. ‘Nom’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

My other favourite – which they sadly no longer stock – was the Shut The Hell Up Gum. It tasted alright in a burn-your-mouth sort of way, but it never failed to make me giggle.

Image taken from norwichnut‘s photostream


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