Stuff I ♥: A Very Potter Musical

I just couldn’t resist blogging about this.

You know how sometimes – when you have a deadline – it suddenly seems really important that you check your Facebook ‘Home’ feed about five times a minute? Just in case you miss out on something amazing. Only, you never do, because it’s mostly filled with people talking about how they also can’t be bothered to do their essays.

Well, I got lucky yesterday.

Hooray for having friends who are so goofy about Harry Potter that they trawl the internet for other fanboys and fangirls’ Potter-related offerings of geekery, and post it on their Facebook Walls! It is through this very method that I first discovered the legendary Mysterious Ticking Noise video and the Hey Harry Potter spoof song, among others. (Clearly, my friends need lives. And so do I.)

My latest finding is A Very Potter Musical – a full-length parody musical of the seven Harry Potter books written and performed by some truly dedicated (and deliciously talented) Potter fans. Composed and performed early in 2009, I’m genuinely sorry it’s taken me so long to find it. I watched it from start to finish yesterday and what my essays lack in wordcount my soul makes up for in contentment.

Unlike the real books, the content is not always child-friendly, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. The writing is pure genius as spoofs go, and the performances are utterly hilarious without being overplayed. In particular, Lauren Lopez’ bizarre contorted Malfoy is a winner, and Voldemort and Quirrel’s bromance left the audience hysterical in places; but I think there are strong performances from the entire cast. Some of the one-liners are breathtakingly funny.

Yes, in places, the fact that this was a free production did seep through and there were amateur moments that needed polishing, but overall it was oh-so satisfying. I actually think this is funny enough to tour – I’d personally be willing to pay to see it: it had the kind of gentle satirical mockery of Jerry Springer The Opera – and similarly ingenious lyrics – and that has been one of the most successful modern musicals of the twenty-first century.

Watch it, and watch it again – if you know anything about Harry Potter you won’t be disappointed. The best news is they’re apparently planning a sequel.

Procrastinating has never been so good.


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