Stuff I ♥: This Counts As Revision, Right?

Well, it’s edging closer to midnight, and yet again I’ve left everything to the last minute. I’ve been compiling plans for the two exam questions I have to answer on Thursday about Elizabethan Shakespeare. Not as fun as it might sound (and that’s coming from someone who hearts Shakespeare so much it hurts sometimes.) I should have done it earlier today, but like most people I find it unbearable to accept that I have anything to do when it’s a Sunday. Sundays are for scones, wine, rubbish telly and snoozing.

I am a Hamlet lover, but after four hours of writing nonsense about rhetoric, I was beginning to consider taking a leaf out of Ophelia’s book. Luckily, I was reminded of a rather wonderful video I was sent on Twitter a couple of months ago: Julie Walters as the delightfully eccentric director of the Piecrust Players’ version of Hamlet as part of Victoria Wood’s As Seen On TV. Anyone with a familiarity with the play will appreciate how beautifully silly this is.

I am now officially reassured that my answers to the exam questions won’t be that bad. Although, I am reminded again of how this degree is taking over my life and getting in the way of all the cool stuff. Today, (while procrastinating… again) I bookmarked no less than five amazing craft-related blogs the existence of which I had hitherto been unaware. I have consequently had knitting withdrawal all day (an ugly condition) and have taken to cutting pretty patterns in my essay plan.

It isn’t made any easier when I read on Twitter about the amazing baking people have been doing today. I have a real urge to bake a cake and take it into work on Tuesday, but I know I won’t have time (and it will probably taste like porridge, as I am rather out of practise.) Yet again, my degree has scuppered my plans to actually do something worthwhile. Still, I’ve got great videos like the one above to keep my spirits up. Any further amusing Youtube suggestions gratefully received…


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