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Good evening,

It has been another tiring day. Much as I obviously enjoy tiptoeing round icy London pavements visiting two libraries and also handing in my essays (and pulling off some smooth ninja moves attempting to remain an upright pedestrian), there are quite frankly better things I could have been doing.

Two things cheered me up today:

1) On the train home, I glanced out the window only to find a fox running alongside our carriage. I know they’re flea-ridden bin-pests, but I’ve always wanted to see a real wild fox (that hadn’t been plastered to a roadside) so I was quite a bit chuffed. I even waved.

2) The lovely @_ophelia showed me a wonderful craft-related website she found on this list. It is called Bedecked, and specialises in the finishing touches to haberdashery such as trim and buttons. That will literally sound like the saddest thing you’ve ever heard unless you are of a creative disposition and/or spend half your life on Etsy (or, like me, are both of the above.) But it really is quite gorgeous and I love it. Deal with it.

I’ve been wanting to get into creating my own accessories as part of my Etsy store (which is very much in the planning stages at the moment… ahem) for ages, and it’s sites like this that add fuel to my excitement to start creating cute designs.  If you are familiar with my previous posts you will know I am currently blaming my degree for the total lack of creativity in my life these days, but discoveries like these make me count down the days to graduating in the Spring.

A few of my favourite pieces:

1. Flower Print button – love the colours!

2. Porcelain Cat button – 10/10 for random. I’m not sure how I’d use it, but it is too kitsch for me to ignore.

3. Rose Print Satin Ribbon – just gorgeous.

4. Heart ribbon – I know this makes me “such a girl” but every girl loves a little bit of heart-print, right?

5. Elephant motif – yep, another one I only like because it’s a bit random. I just love bizarre prints.

6. Because I promised Nicola I’d mention it – there is a type of braid called Gimp. This is very funny. Yes, we’re mature.

I’ll just end saying: I can see lots of people are viewing this blog, and I would love for you to comment on any of the posts. I am very new to this whole malarkey, but I’d love to hear what you think!


3 thoughts on “A Blog for Nicola F…Bedecked

  1. “I know they’re flea-ridden bin-pests..”
    Not everyone’s viewpoint of course (especially not mine :P) The pair that visit my garden are very lovely.

    Gimp! Oh I’m about as mature <_<
    Reminds me of the felt patches, pillows & various other things, my sister-in-law makes and sells.

    Love the writing (of course) and the blog. I'm a great reader of blogs but I usually struggle to think of comments (that aren't just crappy.)
    Will try to comment more 😉

  2. Heya…my very first comment on your site. 🙂 I have been popping in and out and reading your stuff for some time and just wanted to say hi. . It is good stuff indeed. I was searching for a way to subscribe to your blog via email. Could you point me in the right direction?

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