Stuff I ♥: Look Who’s Procrastinating Again…

Yep, when you read this post you will realise that it has the worst pun ever in the title.

Last week I provided you with some seriously funny Harry Potter geekery in the form of A Very Potter Musical, and now it’s time to share my latest find – this time from the realms of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is another of my somewhat guilty pleasures. I know it carries the stigma of a fanbase of worrying people who enthusiastically fashion their own dalek costumes, but I don’t do that. Nor do I pretend my regular screwdriver is sonic. Nor do I have a TARDIS duvet. I just think it’s an iconic show with some fantastic writing and a truly impressive cast. Okay, and I do the sonic screwdriver thing sometimes.

This little gem was sent to me by the equally geeky @rizzleskizzle_x. Sickeningly talented Youtube user timelordfromhell has created this ingenius spoof of The End of Time (the two-part Christmas special in which David Tennant’s Doctor made his final farewell). I know I keep saying what a geek I am, but seriously anyone who saw this (and that’s over 10 million of you) will appreciate the humour. It is a bit shaky in places, but overall I think you’ll agree it’s pretty marvellous. Please go and give them five stars. Or whatever.

Part One:

Part Two:

Image taken from Ben Sutherland‘s photostream.


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