Stuff I ♥: Second-Hand Likes/Dislikes

Much as we love to wax lyrical about ‘being your own person’ and ‘not following the crowd’, I do think this is something of which everyone is a bit guilty. I know I have a bit of a sneaky penchant for it myself, because it gives me one of those warm and tingly feelings, and quite frankly I don’t think the world has enough of those.

What do I mean by ‘second-hand likes/dislikes’? (I hear you ask… silently.)

I mean the way we as humans love to love the stuff the people we love… well, love. Yes.

Whether it’s Harry Potter, the Arsenal football team or that song by the Cheeky Girls (okay, definitely not THAT), we sometimes can’t help but develop a bit of a pash for something because someone we care about likes it.

My Nonno grew up in Finsbury Park and lived and breathed the Gunners (he even had an Arsenal flag on his coffin – truefax), and now I get ridiculously excited when they win. Their successes fill me with immense pride at the memory of him.
The night before I went away on holiday for two weeks without my family for the first time, one of my best friends sent me Separated By Motorways by The Long Blondes, and since then whenever I hear it I feel a bit of her rebellious spirit (and regret the fact that we don’t see each other often enough – this is the downside to second-hand likes).
Back to the Future is still one of my favourite movies because it made an ex of mine laugh so much.
And A Very Potter Musical is my favourite thing on the internet because I found it via the Facebook page of someone whose Facebook page I used to visit entirely too often (but that’s a whole other story.)

That fact is that – despite the fact you must have some natural positive feeling for it in its own right, or else it’s just pointless – you like these things so much because you see them, think of the person they relate to, and then say ‘You make them happy, therefore you are good.’ As ‘liking’ stuff goes, this is pretty special, and one of the least selfish reasons for liking something that I can think of.

Of course, one of the best parts is wondering what stuff the people you know like purely because it reminds them of a happy you.
Ah, there goes that warm, fuzzy feeling again. Nice.

Image from Lauren V‘s photostream.


3 thoughts on “Stuff I ♥: Second-Hand Likes/Dislikes

  1. I think I’d say my enjoyment of the theatre is secondhand. Back home there isn’t really any good theatre, school was crap and my parents never went so I wasn’t interested, but since meeting people who are interested in it, i’ve become much more interested.

    There’s a few bands and tv shows that I;m maybe more interested in now than before but not really things that I had no interest in at all

  2. I definitely agree with everything Emma said about theatre. There’s nothing really at home, and since going to uni I have people to go with, so I go SO much more.

    I have very similar music taste to my dad these days (could I say anything less cool if I tried?), mainly because I now love everything he used to play around the house and in the car when I was a kid. Reminds me of being off school and going on holidays and stuff, I suppose. And he’s completely stolen my love for Jamie Cullum since I dragged him to a concert in 2005 – he’d never listened to any, and came just to keep me company, and now he asks if he can tag along to gigs with me!

    There’s so many more things I could come up with if I wasn’t tired, and with a headache. I think there’s just a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have come across myself, but which people introduce me to and I then genuinely like regardless of how I found it.

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