Stuff I ♥: Uplifting Websites

Like most people (and definitely like anyone who is reading this blog), I spend waaay too much time on teh interwebz. Obviously, calling it ‘teh interwebz’ is further proof. Thank you, LOLcats, for making me speak like a grammatically-embarrassing dork on a daily basis.

I think the more time you spend online, the more stuff you are trying to avoid in real life. Obviously, most of the time that ‘stuff’ you’re avoiding is things like the job you are in the office being paid for right at that second, or herding up all the items that should have been in the dishwasher days ago and now resemble little utensil-shaped pets, i.e with so much fur on them you’re thinking of getting them spayed.

Sometimes, however, you can spend hours online to avoid having to think. Bearing in mind the whole thinking malarkey is kind of important to our existence, we could gather that there’s generally a pretty big reason to be avoiding it. Most of the time in the course of this big escape from the t-word we just end up mooching around in circles, drifting from one facebook profile to another and checking and rechecking Google News for breaking news like nuclear war has finally begun or Jordan’s face/boobs have finally fallen off. Basically, you get nowhere, which is exactly where you wanted to go but you’ve still achieved nothing.

Pssst. Guess what? Sometimes the internet has hidden wonders that can turn hiding from thinking into doing a lot more thinking, only this time the good kind. Nearly every month I find something online that makes me feel all tingly-happy (like if a puppy were to bake me a cupcake. Yeah. Just like that.)

Here are a couple of sites that will make you feel like the internet actually does have its uses, and will hopefully put a smile on your face while they’re at it:

1. Young Me Now Me

Next time you stumble across a photo of yourself aged four grinning inanely with an ice cream cone on your head and think ‘Ah, those were happier times’, go find an ice cream cone and put it on your head, then take a picture and send both photos to this website.

Basically this is the most amazing collection of photos of people who have done similar things. The best ones are the groups of siblings and friends that still look just as happy with each other as when they were tiny. Time doesn’t change everything. The important stuff stays pretty constant.

2. ThxThxThx – a thank you note a day

What it says on the tin. Does it get any more heartwarmingy? DOES IT?!

Er. No.

3. It Made My Day

Little moments of WIN. We all get them. This blog makes me look out for mine so I don’t miss them because I’m too busy swearing at my hair or something.

4. Speak You’re bRanes

If ever you read someone saying something on a forum or a ‘comments’ section of an article that makes you want to put their brains in the toaster, please refer to this blog, have a big old sigh of satisfied relief, and relish the fact that at least there is someone out there having a giggle at their expense.


Amazing comics that will always elicit snorty giggles. Trust me, at least once a week you’ll swear that a particular day’s comic was drawn just for you.

Image (which, by the way, is genius) was nicked from db*Photography‘s photostream. Ta v much, db.


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