Day 24: Revving up

Well, I wrote 4,000 words last week. Good times. Then I thought everything I’d written so far is shit, especially after I spent an evening with the friend I’m partly basing my central character on, and realised I’d made some serious characterisation flaws that needed sharpening, pronto. Er, bad times?

Well, I suppose it wasn’t the nicest feeling in the world, but then I do now have some superior knowledge to the stuff I had in my brain a mere three days ago, and I can use this new-found wiseness to edit my novel for the better. It’s like a tactical chunder after a monster drinking session- not a very nice experience but better in the long-run.

The whole ‘write a bit every day’ thing is… well, let’s face it – it was never going to happen. But I have started writing for two or three weeknights as well as my marathon weekend outpourings, and it makes all the difference.

Sure enough, slowly but surely I am finding that it is getting easier to just pick up the pen and write  fairly decent stuff from the off (welllll, to my brain it’s decent). Basically, I am keeping my mind actively on the novel for more of the time, so I don’t need to ‘warm up’ quite so much.

I must say it feels pretty smashing – a whole lot more smashing than it felt last week, anyway.

Let me leave you with this song – I first heard it on Holby City of all places, and it struck an almighty chord with me. It’s a simple enough idea, but that doesn’t stop it from being beautiful.

I suppose it’s having a particular resonance for me as I go through a very transitiony period of my life. Adapting to not seeing some of my closest friends, either because I’m no longer at University or they are, can be hard. So can the prospect of moving out and not seeing my family quite as often as I’ve become accustomed to (more on that in the next couple of weeks, I imagine).
So, above all, can saying goodbye to a person I really don’t want to say goodbye to, but know I must.

My particular favourite part is the lines:

“If you keep your head up, the line you walk will be straight,
And your paths will meet again some day.”

Hope is a fragile, often ridiculous thing, but always present. I like to think this is for the better.

Photo from quisur‘s photostream. Merci beaucoup.


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