Day 39: Buck Your Ideas Up, LJ

Day 39.

Well, this is all a bit out of the blue. After all, I only blogged yesterday. It’s just: this morning, my very cool friend Allan set up his first blog. Being the resident blogger, I got a call of ‘Help meeee Laurrraaa’ across the office.

Ever thankful for my little Ego Boost of the Day (“Someone actually needs MY help! I CAN DO STUFF.”) I bounded over there with the kind of “LET ME SHOW YOU!” attitude you’d expect to see from someone who actually has a clue what they’re doing. It turns out, I’m a bit shit at showing people how to set up a blog, (but he managed it anyway – link to follow), but in trying to help him – and using my blog as an example – it made me realise how stale the last few entries have been: packed full of stresses about writing but with very little substance.

So, basically: sorry.

While showing Allan my blog, I was reminded of this part of my ‘About Me’ section:

“Weekends and evenings are when I really come alive, doing the stuff I wish would pay my rent. Currently, (as well as trying to always be vintage chic, baking new things, and looking for little snippets of awesome on the internet), I am writing my first novel.”

I’ve realised that in all the recent stress, I’ve forgotten to do this. And that makes me unhappy. And unhappiness makes me less productive. And being less productive means I do even less, including my novel.

So, I’m going to shut up now, and show you what I’ve just made for tea. It’s great for using up leftover veg and meat at the end of the week before ‘the big shop’, and especially good if you want something delicious but really can’t be bothered to try. Tada:

‘Whatever’ Risotto Or Something

Serves: 4

You’ll need:
10 oz rice (whatever really – we used basmati and it’s yum.)
500ml water (crumble a stock cube in if you fancy)
500ml Passata (we get the cheap stuff from Aldi)
1 onion, chopped up untidily
Plus whatever else you want to chuck in.

1. Brown an onion.
2. Chuck in the rice.
3. Chuck in whatever else: we used some mushrooms, peppers and last night’s roast gammon leftovers cut into cubes. Chicken and bacon works really well too.
4. Pour in the passata and the stock.
5. Cover and leave it to fizzle about a bit for around 15 minutes (or until it has reduced.)

Serve it, and feel all smug that you’re eating something super-super-tasty which only took five minutes. Because that’s literally all it takes. I even had time to write this blog while it cooked. And it is seriously YUM – full of flavour and fills you up on these cold autumn evenings.

No, I’m not Nigella. But I have got my motivation back. šŸ™‚


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