A New Beginning, #2

“Hello to anyone reading this. That would probably just be my Mum, then. Haha.”

These were the first words of this blog, uttered exactly one year ago today. It still staggers me that I get between 65 and 120 views per blog, (why are you all reading this drivel?!) and that my Mum actually has never even read the bloody thing. Anyway, “Happy Anniveeeersary toooo meeeee…” etc. Oh so much has happened in this short year.

I started this blog after a trip back from Winterton-on-Sea, where I’d been staying for a week with my family in a teensy tiny quaint little cottage by the sea. It was the sort of cottage which makes you remember why all the small things – going for a walk all wrapped up all warm, watching comforting, rubbish telly snuggled in a throw with a cup of tea, reading a book by the fire, and the other stuff you don’t get to do each day – are all the important things that make you feel whole, and alive, and contented.

After a week of that, I was quite ridiculously happy, and felt the urge to begin blogging about the pretty things I find each day that give me a snippet of that book-by-the-fire feeling. I know this blog hasn’t always fulfilled that – meeting on its way my final degree year, my work-stress, becoming an Auntie, and my various ranting – but I have always, always blogged about what makes me feel alive. I’d like to think that at some points along the way that was interesting. Well, at least some of those days involved cheesecake recipes.

Ironically, just one day short of the anniversary of my return from a blissfully quirky cottage, I’ve actually gone and moved into something similar. Yesterday, I finally got the go-ahead to move all my junk into a new home – a new home in a tiny village nearby, next to a comfy country pub and just down the road from a tea-shop. I think I may have found heaven again, only not quite as close to the seaside as last time.

Anyone reading this blog will know how close I am to my family – my Mama and Papa in particular – so I have to confess the day was not without its emotion. I moved in straight from work, so I had to say goodbye to Mama in the morning – only we both chickened out and treated it like any other day. The drive to work was strangely dreary, though, and the roads were cold and empty (yes, I know that a. It’s nearly winter and b. The roads were quiet because of the school holidays, but let me have my moment of whimsy, damnit.) It felt like nothing had changed – well, nothing good anyway.

Luckily, I cheered myself up by buying gorgeous bubblebath, and I also came away with a naughty brown paper bag full of goodies from the most awesome sweetshop in the world which has suddenly landed in the heart of Stevenage (it looks a bit out of place among the pound-shops and boarded-up travelagents, though.)

I did eventually pluck up the courage to return home and say goodbye to my parents after I’d got settled in, and after a quick wobble I was back on the road to the cottage, and to my new happy place.

That’s what I really believe it is. I’ve done a lot of things wrong this year, and I’ve lost my way at times, but the new cottage has sent my mind and my soul right back to where I was as I returned from Winterton this time last year. I’m ready to start again. Watch this space…


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