Day 64: I Got Lots And Lots of What I Need Right Here

Song: Eliza Doolittle – Moneybox (I first heard it at the tearooms last week, and the lyrics in the title of this post seemed pretty apt. Plus, it’s lovely.)

Last Thursday, I think I just about had the perfect day.

I awoke at 7am feeling wide awake without even trying (horribly rare with me – I’m far more likely to want to kill someone than get out of bed in the morning), although I have a feeling I was so awake because I was excited at the prospect of the first set of four days off in a row I’ve had since May. MAY, I TELL YOU. I’m sure there’s a health and safety issue right there. It must contravene some basic human rights law at least.

Anyway, after cleaning the entire house (you can pick yourselves up again, now), I drove to the nearby Church Farm tearooms for a few hours in the morning and wrote a good 1500 words over a pot of Rooibos Vanilla tea. It was so tasty, I didn’t even realise it had anti-ageing properties and antioxidants – double trouble. That will definitely cancel out the scones and clotted cream I had with it, right?

Returning to my village, I decided I would finally try and find the mysterious tearoom I’d been hearing about. It turns out that my idea of heaven is a five minute walk away:

Brewery Tearooms in Walkern is super-pretty, super-friendly and super-super.

They serve you gorgeous tea in little cups like this:

With a little milk jug and sugar tongs and everything.

I was so comfy, I wrote another 1500 words. And went back the day after. And the day after. And probably scared everyone with my over-enthusiasm.

Housemate Claire got back at a reasonable hour for once, and we ate burnt risotto, sang the entire Wicked and Avenue Q soundtracks, (we harmonised and told ourselves this was cool and not even slightly ridiculously sad), and went for a slightly drunken walk which ended, inevitably, in the pub.

I feel like I’ve really found the perfect place to live.

The best thing about the cottage at the moment, however, is the fact that we don’t have the internet. For over a week now I’ve not had the opportunity to faff about, spending hours obsessively trying to find the perfect dress, watching old episodes America’s Next Top Model and having a ‘cheeky facebook stalk’.

And, as a result, I’ve actually had a life. Amazing. Who knew?

Oh, and by the way – Brewery Tearooms are on Twitter and Facebook, (that’s where I half-inched the pretty photos from), and are having a Christmas Gifts day and evening on 16th November. Be there or be un-stuffed with mince pies and un-tipsy on mulled wine. I know which I’d rather.


3 thoughts on “Day 64: I Got Lots And Lots of What I Need Right Here

  1. I’ve spent most of the last two weeks listening to Moneybox. I love it. Makes me happier in a morning before work.

    Loving the tearooms.

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