Day 70: Je veux gagner ce coeur à coeur

Song: Moi je joue – Brigitte Bardot

The lyrics in the title translate to ‘I want to win this heart-to-heart’. I chose these lyrics because I do always seem to be trying to win a battle these days. Mostly it’s against time, which is why I will keep this blog short. Today, I’m really just writing to prove I still can.
(Also, the end of that song is so random and sounds just a little bit filthy, so I felt it deserved a place here.)

The good news is the lack of internet and TV at my new place is still very much keeping me from time-wasting, and I’m finding more and more time to write in the evenings.

As a result, the good news: despite my six-day week, I’ve written nearly 5,000 words this week. The bad news: it really needed to be 8,000 words.

But :
working 6 days a week
+ preparing for Christmas
+ running a house when Housemate C is very poorly indeed
+ everyone deciding they want to come and see my new house (alright, replace ‘my new house’ with ‘the pub next to my new house’)
+ everyone else deciding want to take me away from my new house to do random stuff like get my eyebrows threaded (thanks, Sunita, but also: OUCHOUCHOUCH)
+ the constant energy it is taking me and the rest of the nation to hate Katie Waissel off the X Factor with every fibre of our beings

= the time left over for writing me novel essentially comprises whatever I can get done in the bit between putting the teabag in the water, and taking the teabag out again when the water has turned into tea. Basically, time is a bit short, and I have no idea what to prioritise.

This week is even more manic, with at least four nights already taken up with various plans (a wine tasting, a work night out, a trip to see my sister and something or other than Housemate C has got planned for Friday night). I think the only way I’m going to get this novel finished is if I have really, really, REALLY strong cups of tea from now on.

Better go. My tea is ready.

EDIT: Many thanks to the eagle-eyed, french-tongued Ewan for pointing out that I’d spelt ‘coeur’ wrong! I’ve only been speaking French for 11 years, you’d think I’d get that right. Ah well, that’s what you get for writing a blog whilst trying to catch up on the bloody X-Factor.  I blame Katie Waissel entirely for this error. BITCH.


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