1. Welcome to the One a Day Project

SONG: Joshua Radin – Brand New Day. “Some kinda magic happens late at night.”

Ooh, something very exciting is happening.

Well, maybe not so much exciting – maybe something very frequent is actually what’s happening, but shush now.

My big project of 2010 finished yesterday: The Novel. I will probably write another novel this year. I have no plans to for the first month or so, however – and this is for a very important reason. One that isn’t laziness, okay? Oh no. I want 2011 to be the year where I get stuff done. No more faffing.

You see, December taught me something: I can write 2000 words a day and not spontaneously combust. That took, on average, 2 and a half hours per day. So just think what I can do in, like, an hour every day if I stay motivated? So I’ve joined up to the One a Day Project – and that means every day I’m going to blog about something. My theory is this means every day I have to make something even remotely interesting happen. Watch this space.

I’m trying to write about a different topic for every day of the week. Go to About Me to find out more.

Saturday means Stuff I ♥. So here goes:

Stuff I ♥: A Quarter Of

Resolution shmesolution. New year, new sweeties – that’s what I always say. Well, it’s what I said just now as I typed it, anyway.

We’ve got it seriously wrong. Resolutions are wasted on New Year. January is cold and mostly hungover. It is not a month for getting up at 5am to go jogging (not if you want to do it more than, say, thrice), nor is it a month for depriving yourself of every food item you enjoy because you’ve ‘overdone it a bit’ at Christmas. Here’s a newsflash, sister: we’ve all overdone it a bit. That is what Christmas is for. (That, and the Jesus thing. Obviously.)

So let’s not all go, ‘I know a way to get over the fact that I have to wait twelve months before I can resume eating chocolate tree decorations without seeming mental! Let’s decide to stop eating anything remotely tasty! That way, on January 31st I can stand on the scales, realised I’ve lost a measly three and a half pounds – and yes the half DOES COUNT – and spend the whole of February crying into the biscuit tin because my new slightly skinnier frame has forgotten what joy is.’ Seriously, let’s not do that again.

Okay, now that’s decided, let’s find and eat some of our favourite childhood sweets, preferably without reminding ourselves how very, very old and markedly closer to death we’ve become. Enter: A Quarter Of – simply the best retro sweet shop around. They do all your favourites in chewy, chocolately or crunchy form, and are just a bit too terrific for words.

£18.87 for 2.3kg of the beauties


I personally am planning on buying this jar of foiled ice cups, and I shall munch my way through them whilst moaning about how they used to be 2p each in the shop around the corner. When I was seven. In 1995. Fifteen years of inflation happened, but still I’m just outraged. Now pass me another one.

£18.36 per box


Alternatively, if you have a party (or a lonely night in on your own works just as well), then it may be time to buy the small wooden box of nostalgia. Space dust, sherbert fountains, and those little candy whistles you can use to call for help at the end of the night when you’re laying next to the empty box and your legs have fallen off from diabetes.

See? I knew this blog a day idea would come in handy.

Images nicked from their lovely website, obviously. But I want you to buy their stuff so they don’t sue me, ok?


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