3. Smile: 1000 Awesome Things

I feel that before I get on with today’s blog, I should address yesterday’s. I really appreciated the number of you that discussed why you love video games – it’s nice to see that it does cause passion in some people, even if I still think they aren’t particularly high up on my list of stuff to do whatsoever. I particularly enjoyed Sinan Kubba’s counter-blog which you can read here.

I blog because I enjoy full and frank discussion, and my blog certainly started some of that yesterday. I am always, always interested to learn – it’s why I don’t tend to find time for video games – so I loved some of the points made that opened my eyes to other aspects of the industry.

It is worth noting, however, that pretty much all commenters were new to my blog (er, hello!) – some of you seemed a little outraged by my tone, but you need to read the rest of this blog before you get your knickers in a twist. Basically: I rant. I rant about lots of things, from gay-bashing to philosophies on happiness to wearing glasses and even about the fact that I wanted a book game for my birthday and it made me feel really like the saddest person alive. It’s 90% scathing, and 100% light-hearted. So please don’t be too offended by my ranting – besides, it’s not going to stop me anyway.

Now that’s over with, Mondays are the days when I try and find something worthwhile or at least smile-worthy to tell you about.

Sometimes, I think we forget all there is to be thankful about. And sometimes, it really is the little things we should appreciate more because they really do get you through the day. I mean, if I can become apoplectic with rage because a pair of leggings did not arrive on the day they were supposed to (seriously, don’t ask), then surely on a similar scale I can also feel all warm and fuzzy inside for hours because I picked up a Q and a U at the same time when playing Scrabble.

If anything, being a bit more savvy about the little things that go right would surely make us happier in the long run? I’ve worked answering phones throughout my degree, and it is a rare but wonderful moment when someone calls us to thank us because we’ve done something right. It actually makes my day, especially amid a sea of people making unreasonable demands and telling us they hope we have a terrible Christmas. It’s that one act of kindness that keeps me from slamming my head into the keyboard, and I don’t even think the nice caller realises it.

1000 Awesome Things is the place on teh interwebz where all those nice things go for a big old cuddle. I read it on a daily basis whenever I get a spare second, and it never fails to make me feel just a little bit more smashing. And you can never feel too smashing. Some of my favourites include:

#937 The smell of rain on a hot sidewalk


#789 Putting potato chips on a sandwich

#573 That one person who laughs when you tell a really bad joke

#418 Carrying the ice cube tray you just filled up all the way back to the freezer without spilling

I guarantee there’s at least one there that will make you go all soft. It might even stop me ranting for five minutes…


4 thoughts on “3. Smile: 1000 Awesome Things

  1. I agree that, while people may think of you as simple or look upon you with some mix of contempt and pity for taking joy in the little details in our normal day to day that most overlook, these moments help to top your half empty glass up a little.

    I hope you don’t have to waste paragraphs explaining yourself again tomorrow!

  2. ^ Haha, thank you – on both counts.


    Pete – thanks! That’s what I thought – and the blog makes me take more notice of my own little moments of win every day as well. 🙂

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