8. Stuff I ♥: Wysteria Lane

SONG: My Favourite Things – Julie Andrews

My Saturday treat this week is a little something perfect for a rainy day like this: a little internet shopping on a cosy, flowery site like Wysteria Lane.

Based in Shrewsbury, they are a boutique created with ladies in mind, full of enchanting treats to make a ridiculous woman like me go all jumpy-roundy with delight. One of my favourite things about them is the way they wrap each little parcel up to perfection, so even if you’re treating yourself it really feels like a little present from me to me.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces at the moment:

Cupid Hearts Coat Hook, £7.99

Simple, dainty, and something that will make me feel all cutesy from the moment I walk through the door and hook up my fur.

Amore Toast Rack, £27.99

Sticking with the heart theme, you’ll see. And what better way to start the day. I always think there’s something proper about eating toast from a toast rack.

Regency Cake Stand, £29.99

Simply the perfect thing for my kitchen. If you buy it for me, I will make you scones with jam and clotted cream and arrange them on this every day… forever. Buy it for me buy it for me buy it for me!

After The Rain Exfoliating Bath Soap, £4

Seriously, anything titled ‘After The Rain’ gets me filled with waves of hopeless whimsy, and that just happens to be the perfect mood for a bath. And at only £4, I’d say it’s a pretty cheap way to make that melancholy part of your weekend on a Sunday evening suddenly a bit more deliciously… soapy.


One thought on “8. Stuff I ♥: Wysteria Lane

  1. I know that shop well. I like the other one in Shrewsbury – Wysteria Lane At Home. There’s so many lovely boutiquey shops in Shrewsbury

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