10. Midnight Washing Up

[On January 10th at just before twelve, I wrote a blog saying: “I’m writing this in the pub but it still counts as today’s blog post!
I’ll update it when I get back.
Promise I’ll be better tomorrow.” The following is my update, written in the small hours of 11th January, but intended as January 10th’s entry!]

Right, well here’s a quick blog about not having enough hours in the day to do things in the vague hope you’ll take pity on me for the fact I ended up posting this blog at 3 minutes past twelve and so technically went twenty four hours without blogging!

I am writing the updated version at nearly 2am. This is because I stupidly got home from work at 7.30pm, ironed two loads of washing, wolfed down a curry and then went straight back out to the pub at 9. I did this with the intention of achieving that untraceable enigma that is the ‘just going for one drink’ night out. Three and a half hours later I got back, realised the house was a mess, and spent an hour cleaning, washing up, tidying and generally trying to make the place less resemble an explosion in a mess factory (I know. That was a poor simile. HAVE YOU SEEN THE TIME?) . And now I need sleep.

The good news is, I get to rise at 7 and do it all again. YAY. And, apart from Thursday, I’m out every night this week. Cry.

If someone can tell me how I manage to work a full day, keep my house relatively non-contaminated and have a social life, please let me know. Let alone fitting in a daily blog…

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