12. BLOG: My Milk Toof

Well, I’m blogging from my phone again (pesky social life), but luckily it’s Wednesday aka The Skive, as I point you in the direction of another blog to do all the entertaining for me.

Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge” – proof he wasn’t just a pretty face, that one. Nowhere is this more apparent than under little umbrellas of genius such as My Milk Toof. (Insert something dreadfully unfunny about ‘getting your teeth into’ this blog. Well, it’s all I’m good for.)

Basically, a series of picture stories following the adventures of two little lost teeth, this blog is so cute that you start becoming quite incredulous to the fact that teeth ever bite stuff or embarrass you by getting stuff stuck in them. It also made me feel a bit sick with guilt at the memory of the clearly torturous experiment we did when we were seven: leaving our fallen teeth to dissolve in coke or vinegar.
Poor little lardee! Oh, the shame.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an article about some of my favourite party dresses.


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