13. FEATURE: Six Knockout Maxi Dresses

As I write this, I’m all jittery. I’ve got that kind of sicky feeling you get that swamps your innards every time you think of something very, very exciting that is about to happen. This time, it’s the thought of the big party I’m going to on Saturday. It’s like the prom, only hopefully with less fake tan disasters and bitchslapping (my school was in a rough area.)

So, to ease my butterflies I thought I’d write my Thursday feature on six show-stopping maxi dresses I found while doing my Big Dress Shop this year. Only instead of making me feel better, it’s making me feel so much worse as I start to fret that maybe I didn’t buy the right dress. Yu know – The Dress. I haven’t included the dress I actually bought in the end – I’ve gone all shy. Maybe I’ll post a picture of me wearing it next week.

Here are the ones that got away:

1. Ce Me London Animal Maxi – £48 @ USC

I think this would cling to all the right places, and I love the kooky cut of the shoulder. Understated chic.

2. Jonathan Saunders Odet Long Sleeve Maxi – £135 at ASOS

So simple and yet so striking, and I think it does magic things to your waist. One of those dresses that are really sexy but that your elderly relatives would still say was ‘decent’.

3. Biba Asymmetric One Shoulder Maxi – £285 at House of Fraser

This is one of those ‘when I’m rich and famous’ dresses, but I just had to include it. SO PRETTY in a kind of ‘look at me, I’m actually a mythical Goddess’ way.

4. Leona Maxi Dress – £149.50 at Aftershock

Very ruffletastic, but not in a ‘oh my God, you look like you’re wearing a wedding cake’ way. Which is always a plus.

5. O&O Black Lace Maxi – £20 at Urban Outfitters

This is definitely not one the grandparents would approve of, but that’s the least of your worries: first you’ve got to pick yourself up after falling over screeching ‘oh my god, oh my god, oh my god it’s only twenty quid.’

6. ASOS Premium One Shoulder Velvet Maxi – £65 at ASOS

I can’t decide whether this is sluttishly brilliant or just slutty. I just know if I wore it I’d be dangerous.


4 thoughts on “13. FEATURE: Six Knockout Maxi Dresses

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  2. Marrakoosh – yeah, I think I agree with you there. I think you also need the fierce attitude the model is sporting in order to make the outfit look really edgy. Otherwise it’s a bit… blah.

    Steve – Oh MAN and I was so looking forward to reading that. You are, after all, an authority on the matter.

    Thanks for commenting guys!

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