15. Stuff I ♥: Soap And Glory

I’m writing this because… well, if I’m totally honest I’m just waiting for the hair straighteners. You see, Sophie and I are getting ready for a big old night out (the party I mentioned earlier this week). In fact, we’ve been getting ready since approximately 6pm yesterday, what with hair dye, self-tanning (no, surprisingly enough, these slightly orange hands are not just my natural ‘glow’) and various face packs, tweezing and malteser-scoffing (this last part is absolutely vital to a good night out.)

Basically, us girls love to have cupboards overflowing with pretty little bottles full of stuff to smother all over ourselves in an attempt to make us feel ‘ready’ to go out. And my cupboards have never been fuller since I discovered Soap & Glory.

They’re quite like Benefit in terms of their general vibe – sexy, luxury-loving pin-ups (which, of course, we all feel we resemble as soon as we unscrew the lid) – and I have to confess their products do make me feel all smashing.

Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath – £5

I’ve literally never smelled anything like this. As soon as I sink into the water I feel enveloped in fragrant calm.

2. Arch de Triumph brow pencil – £7.50

Too often we ladies forget our eyebrows when we plaster stuff all over the rest of our faces. Actually, a good brow pencil like this can be one of the key things that actually will give you some of that fifties hollywood glamour. Either that, or make you look like Alistair Darling. But, you know, be careful

3. Mist You Madly Body Spray – £3.25

Because this fits so snugly into my handbag I sort of feel it was always meant to be there.


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