16. WILDCARD: The little things

It’s Sunday night again, isn’t it? Damn. I hate when that happens. It means it’s time for another Monday, and another five-day stretch ahead of me before I get a day where I can do anything even remotely LOLSYTIMES.

At the moment, that feeling is somewhat enhanced by a few factors sort of crumbling around my ears. Actually, nearly everything.

I don’t do ‘personal’ on blogs. Long laments about how you cried for two hours because you have cellulite on your thighs are meant for diaries, as are bitter vents at that guy who’s so not worth it and kissed like he was trying to eat your tonsils anyway. But suffice to say that today’s Sunday Night Blues is a culmination of some very serious career, home, friend and life ‘issues’ that have been slowly collapsing like a flan in a cupboard (as Eddie Izzard would say.)

Sometimes, you need to hit rock bottom before you can give yourself a little kick up the derriere and start to rebuild. But doing that is scary, and actually camping out under my duvet with a stash of Lindt bunnies seems an infinitely more realistic choice of action. I mean, how do you start to feel even a little bit right when you suddenly realise everything is wrong?

I’ll tell you how. Focus on the little things.

Because, even in an infinite sea of badtimes, there will always, ALWAYS be something to make a smile flicker across your face, no matter how briefly. And the more little things you find that make you feel better, the easier it will feel to start looking the big scary life monster in the eyes. You can’t always get what you want, but you can definitely laugh about it. Eventually.

Here are four things that will make me smile this evening:

Stand-up that makes you go ‘OHMYGOD THAT IS ME!’ like this stuff by Roisin Conaty, especially the bit about becoming ‘creepy’ at the worst moments. Knowing you are not alone in being ridiculous in every way is actually quite a vital feeling sometimes.

Hilarious videos that actually make a point, so you remember that there are people out there with some sense in their brains instead of fluff. This Nick Griffin on Question Time mash-up is short but oh, SO sweet.

Little moments of genius that still floor me even though I’ve watched it at least fifty-seven times. At approximately 1:06 in this video, I make a noise that I suppose sounds like a cross between a brutal murder shriek and cat in a blender. EVERY TIME. Laughing like that is the best.

Things that kick arse, and that friends send you when you’re feeling down. My most calming influence (otherwise known as Madeleine) sent me this tonight. It makes me happy in approximately nine hundred and four different ways.


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