17. SMILE: This is LOL week (Funny Letters)


Well, the hangover did some of the talking yesterday, didn’t it? That may be why I couldn’t work out that I’d ALREADY done blog 15, and yesterday – being the 16th January – was indeed blog number 16. FAIL, HANGOVERLAURA.

Still, I have decided this is a week for laughing. And so I hereby launch LOL WEEK on No Day But Today – I will try and post something amusing (well, something at least I think is so anyway) every day, based on the themes of this blog.

Monday, as ‘Smile’ day anyway, is a bit of a no-brainer. But I have decided to show you four funny complaint/spoof letters. You may well have seen them all already, in which case you probably need to get a life as much as I do. (Which, obviously, is NOT AT ALL. Because funny letters are COOL.)

1. The Man Who Paid in Spider Drawings

An oldie but a goodie. This guy is genuinely my hero.

I’m also impressed he didn’t stop there: see this article in The Sun (oh God. I know, I’m encouraging you to read The Sun. It’s better when heavily medicated) for two other helpful conversations he’s had. If this is childish I never want to grow up.

2. The Man Who Wants His Car To Explode

This looks like it rivals my dissertation in terms of word-count, but I couldn’t help but continue reading (which is more than I can say for the bloody dissertation, as it happens.)

3. The Man Who Sent Satire to The Government

Peaceful protesting at its most LOLsy.

4. The Old Lady Who Kicked Her Bank’s Arse

Finally, someone who’s done something wittier than rhyme Bankers with Wankers.


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