20. FEATURE: Comedy Musical Duos

Yes, alright, yesterday was a cheat. I was knee-deep in a house party that I hadn’t exactly planned on happening (which is the best kind of house party, obviously), as well as being all sticky from having decided that 9.30 at night was the absolute best time to make fairy cakes. Fairy cakes, it turns out, do nothing for a hangover. The pink sparkles I decorated them with hurt my eyes.

The point is – I can’t always guarantee I’ll be able to plan my blog around my life. Things are so hectic at the moment: right now I’m working out how I’ll possibly have time (once I get home from work at 9pm – late shifts are fun) to iron all the clothes I’ve just washed ready to pack them for the weekend away I’m having (which is starting straight after work tomorrow), as well as properly remove all remnants of last night’s party, and try and find a recipe for tomorrow’s blog (because let’s face it, drunken fairy cakes don’t really count.)

Basically: prepare yourself for another few pretty crappy blogs, unless any of you would like to come and iron for me? Thought not.

Still, today’s blog is one I’ve been looking forward to preparing all week. Continuing on the LOL theme, I’m going to highlight the growing popularity for musical comedy duos that take the interwebz by storm – every time I meet up with an old friend it seems the first thing that happens is I get dragged to the nearest laptop so they can type their latest craze into the Youtube search bar.

All over the world are little pairs of hilarious minds that are devising cliquey, cult-following-inducing songs – the kind that people sing at the end of a good night on the bus home, thinking they’re as comically gifted as the original. Oh, alright, maybe that’s just me.

Aside from the fact they make me look slightly twattish when drunk, however, I can’t get enough of them. It’s nice to think that dotted here and there are people with genius ideas that they don’t just sing on buses, but actually have the motivation to record and share with the whole world on youtube, ready and waiting to become the perfect ice-breaker at that point at the party where you have to distract the person whose drunk so much that suddenly everything seems like a good idea. Or to watch instead of blogging/working/doing anything remotely productive. Etc.

Here are five of my favourite examples of this gloriously popular medium of entertainment that still make me LOL every time. In reverse order:

5. Rubberbandits

An Irish duo that seem to split opinion. This song isn’t particularly clever in comparison to the other songs I’m featuring, but it did tickle me in a bizarre sort of way. Especially the undeniably cute and Irish-sounding way of saying ‘I’ve a horse outside’. I actually wish this had managed to beat Matt Cardle to the Irish Xmas Number One (they fell 25,000 copies short, but still got the number two spot).

4. Dan and Dan

Okay, OKAY – this doesn’t really count as a double act. Or does it? Well, no, but either way “these guys” are stupendously good. The only downside is the way they’re limited in terms of live gigs… Still, The Daily Mail song is a particular favourite of mine. Especially all the headlines about what will apparently give you cancer. Pen tops… evil.

3. Tenacious D

Yes, more a proper band than a comedy duo, but these guys are still near the top of my list in this compilation, so sod the lot of you. Tribute was probably the first video I found on Youtube that I felt I had to watch about fifteen times in a row before I could stop laughing. My particular love for these two comes from the fact that they not only produce witty songs but truly fantastic music too.

Ah, and I can remember the first time we sang Tribute. It was in a music class – I was about fifteen, and the guys with the two fittest voices in school sang it while we watched instead of doing ANY work for our Music GCSE (as per usual). One of them is in a pretty famous band now, and this song always reminds me of his rendition.

2. Rocky and Balls

This is their second mention on NDBT this week, and well-deserved too. There’s something irrepressibly cute about them, and their songs are really catchy. I already showed you The Breakup Song, but I Heart You Online is slightly more hopeful in the pre-relationship stage. Listen to the clever facebook-related lyrics: I think you’ll secretly think this was written especially for you.

1. Flight of the Conchords

Hailing from New Zealand, ‘where they invented rap’, these are two of my favourite people in the world (not least because of their smexy Kiwi accents). I heart them so bad, I secretly want to be a man so I can form a tribute act and sing their songs myself.

Narrowing down a favourite is hard, so suffice to say that Business Time, Robots, Foux du Fafa and The Hiphopopotamus Vs. The Rhymenoceros have been played and re-enacted on the bus more times than I can count. If MP3s could get worn out…

My earliest memory of them is being introduced to their music at a ridiculous time in the morning by my friends Kat and Simon whilst we were  slightly the worse for wear on Passionfruit Margaritas at their flat somewhere near Angel tube station – as you can imagine, this was quite a wonderful experience. Kat and Simon knew all the words, so now whenever I hear their favourite lines I think of how hard they laughed as they did their own little rendition (so maybe it’s not just me, then.)

I haven’t yet been privileged enough to experience the Flight of the Conchords TV series, but I’ve already decided it will be marvellous once I do get round to it. It is high on my list of priorities.


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