22. Stuff I ♥: LOLsy T-Shirts

This blog is officially Saturday 22nd’s post – I didn’t get around to doing it yesterday because I DIDN’T have an internet connection but I DID have a LIFE. So get used to it. I’m writing this on a Sunday afternoon, when I should be scoffing After Eights and discussing Tool Academy with the rellies. In fact, I’m doing that too, so this may go off on a tangent in places.

Rounding off LOL-week’s shenanigans, today is all about the megalolz prints on t-shirts that I love so very dearly. I’m writing this blog post with two people looking over my shoulder who I suppose I should mention – my sister, Sarah, and my Mama (“Excuse me, you should mention ME first!” Mama just said, to which Sarah responded with something equally childish, but I’m not quoting her directly because she’s just threatened me with libel. She wants to sue me for “a million cats dipped in custard.” I’M RELATED TO THESE PEOPLE.)
Anyway, they can vouch for the fact that I love printed tees. Can’t you, dears? Ahem. They were very helpful and definitely just said yes, rather than claiming to have no knowledge of this whatsoever. MOVING ON.

I suppose it’s coming from such bonkersmental relations that gives me my penchant for nonsensical messages on my attire. (I’ve just had to define ‘penchant’ to said relations. Mama thought it was something you wear in the desert and sister thought it was something on a necklace. That’s ‘poncho’ and ‘pendant’. Good Lord. Now Sarah is chanting about pens because she thinks she’s clever. WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?)

Right, on with my favourites:

1. David and Goliath

My all-time favourite stop for not just t-shirts but for various other humourous clothesy stuff. I currently heart this t-shirt:

£20 well spent.

2. Hecklerspray

A site it is well-known makes me snort with laughter inappropriately loudly in the workplace, and now they’re making t-shirts n’all. I currently think this one is quite the giggle-maker, besides WHO DOESN’T LOVE WAGNER?

I definitely love him as much as £14.

3. Zazzle

Another obvious one, but if there’s the slightest chance you haven’t found this site yet then you WILL thank me. Srsly.

Sister, Mama and I just woke Grandpa up with laughing so loud at these two. The added novelty is they’re £14.80 and £18.60. Who needs round-numbered prices? This makes things so much more fun.

Practise Safe Lunch Tee

How To Become a Pirate Tee


4. New Look

You quite often find something cheeky on the high street when shops like David and Goliath are doing so well, and New Look don’t disappoint with this little gem for £7.99.

5. Snorg Tees

I think this may be my all-time favourite, except for the fact that you have to pay to have them shipped from the States. Still, I think these two examples prove they’re worth it (and oh boy, these are the tip of a very large ice berg made of MEGALOLZ.)

If Life Gives You Lemons Tee

Moustaches Make Everything Bettter Tee


You can thank me later. No wait, thank me now.



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