26. BLOG: When Blogs Collide

I’m bringing you TWO blog recommendations today, so don’t say I never go the extra mile.
Everyone, surely, has heard of I Can Has Cheezburger. It was my very own Grandpa that introduced me to this source of wonderment about two years ago, and it’s been a firm favourite of mine ever since. Such is the popularity of this website, that it has been known for me to overhear people I know greeting each other with the words ‘O HAI!’ and parting company with a swift ‘k thx bai!’ (Never me, obviously. Oh no.)
But as with all interwebz sensations, you either love it or you hate it, and some people hate it. There have been complaints about the ‘poor grammar’ used by the cats in the captions (although I think this is somewhat overlooking the more striking fact that the cats are actually SPEAKING), and now there is the counter-blog: AverageCats.
Created because ‘the internet fails to realize is that most cats do not think like people. They think like cats. AverageCats seeks to remedy this misinformation by providing a helpful, pictorial primer on cats‘, this is a clever and sweet reaction to ICHC and another reason to look at cute pictures of kittehs.
My particular favourites are:
All useful lessons.

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