29. STUFF I ♥: Songs To Wake Up To

This post is a collaboration between DJ Vinxy (aka my brother) and I, concocted at approximately 1.30am this morning after having spent hours going through his iTunes library so I could half-inch half his music. It was a good night – well, until I remembered I had to be up at 7 for work.

Since he’s been DJing (a couple of years now), I’ve begun to feel hopelessly uncool around him. I kind of find myself feeling like when I’m listening to a song in his presence I should be rhythmically interjecting with outburts of ‘Uh, uh, WHAT, WHAT, this one goes out to all my haterrrz’ etc. Obviously, there’s no quicker way of making me look like a tit, however, so I don’t.

He knows music – like really knows it like he’s living it – and he always knows the right tunes to choose for every occasion (you really should check out his DJ page – he has some awesome mixes on there). I’m trying to persuade him to do a couple of features with me on here, basically so I can bask in the glow of his glorious musical know-how.  Watch this space.

Today I’m going to share our (well alright, his) top five songs to get you out of bed in the morning. It sort of sprang out of a conversation we were having about Kanye West, so here’s hoping this is the greatest list “of all time. OF ALL TIME!” etc.

1. The Obvious One: Kanye West – Good Morning

Well… duh. But actually, this is turning into one of my favourite Kanye songs. And whenever I hear it now I’ll think of Vinxy, so it’ll be even better.

That said, my personal Kanye wakeup tune has got to be Touch The Sky – in no small part because the Curtis Mayfield sample makes me think of Bend It Like Beckham, and thoughts of Jonathan Rhys Meyes first thing in the morning are no bad thing.

2. The Weird One: Mika – Happy Ending

I’d never have picked this until my brother pointed it out: clearly, the lyrics to this song are horribly depressing. Technically, this should drive you into a deep melancholy, which probably isn’t the best way to get yourself out of bed. And yet the song itself is such a tuuuuune that I can’t help but be uplifted by it.

3. The All-Time Classic: Robbie Williams – Angels

I’ve always thought of this as the depressing song you play at the end of discos to make single girls cry into their last pina colada, (this has never happened to me… ever), but actually it’s quite uplifting at the start of the day.

As Vinxy helpfully pointed out, it also has the lyrics ‘when I’m lying in my bed, thoughts running through my head’, so it’s topical too. Except for the thoughts part, blates. It is first thing, after all.

4. The Old-School TUUUUUNE: Architechs ft. Nana – Body Groove

I’d forgotten about this song, but as soon as it started playing I got the little vocal riff stuck in my head forever. It makes me feel old when I remember listening to it while I was in Year 8 at school. Back when I could probably get away with dancing to garage music.

5. The One To Rock Out To: Metro Station – Shake It

Takes a while to get going but once it does I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to jump around my room in my pyjamas.

Feel free to tell me the ones I’m missing out on…


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