REVIEW: My life

Okay, this is a cheat. I was going to review something worthwhile, before I realised I had nothing worthwhile to review. Life is pretty hectic. I’ve worked out this evening that the next chance I’ll get to pencil in a breath is about two weeks time. Today has not been a good day for my stress levels.

My trouble is, I want everything. And I don’t like compromise. So I’ve signed up to everything in the world, bought the t-shirt, and then realised I’m squeezing in baths at midnight, skipping dinners altogether, and nodding off to the washing up at 2am. Something’s got to give.

I don’t want it to. I love where I live, I love my friends, but I also love my career and the fact I fought tooth and nail to get a good degree, and yet the closest I’ve got to using it in my current job over the past year is designing a bloody noticeboard. I can’t have fun with friends and an easy life in a village as well as finally getting paid for my writing.

So when, half an hour ago, I wrote an email to a very nice man who wanted to interview me for a fantastic job on Thursday, telling him I could not do the job because I can’t afford to commute from the village I live in, something snapped. I am not making the most of myself. I feel happy and safe in my village, and it’s the first time I’ve felt that way ever. It’s the ideal lifestyle. But it is never going to make me a writer.

I think I need to give up the village and move to London to get some proper life experience and journalism work. This is very big and very scary, and can’t happen for a while as I’ll have a lot to sort out, but I think it’s the general direction in which my heart is moving.

So there, that’s one bombshell out of the way. The other is that I don’t think the seven day format is working particularly well here. I know what I’m good at: ranting, wine, food and nonsense. I know because I enjoy writing these posts, and according to my site stats you enjoy reading them! So I’m going to probably streamline this blog to that effect and start writing worthwhile stuff on a more concise theme.

Watch this space.


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