BLOG: Best of Youtube

Evening everyone,

This week’s blog recommendation is my favourite sort-of looksabitlikea blog: Best Of Youtube.

I think we can all agree I post enough crap to keep you guys entertained on your average week, but this stuff is truly SUPER if you want to do some proper hardcore procrastination (so… that’s all of us.)

My personal fave at the moment is this one.

I like this for two reasons:

1. The obvious: Big ships going all splishy-sploshy-splashy big-time in a ‘”OOOH LOOK AT ALL THE BIG WATER!” way.
2. It is symbolic given this blog’s current circumstances. I’m still working on the re-shape, and a (hopefully) exciting new project, so please do keep checking back for the launch. In the mean time, please put up with this drivel. I promise it’s going to be fabulous in the near near future.


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