BLOG RELAUNCH: Welcome to Cake, Prattle & Soul.

OOH LOOK, IT’S ALL NEW AND SHINY-LOOKING. This definitely isn’t me trying to distract you from my laziness.

Yes, alright, I’m skulking back with my tail between my legs after a three day epic fail on the whole ‘One a Day’ thing. My problem is life is running away with me, too fast for me to catch up and write a blog about it.

I know that up until now, I’ve been trying to blog about the same specified thing on each day of the week (e.g. Tuesday was ‘Review’ day, whereas Friday was for recipes/wine-related posts). It wasn’t working, mostly because – unsurprisingly – I didn’t always have something to review on a Tuesday, nor did I have very often have something yummy to show me on Fridays, so the whole blog ended up unravelling.

I’ve realised that this blog is at it’s best when I’m comfortable with what I’m writing, and not forcing it. So I’ve gone back to basics: it’s all about Cake, Prattle & Soul. See About to get a proper definition if you’re finicky like that.

Today was my niece Summer’s first birthday party. This mostly consisted of lots of children running around screeching like they were on fire, and an unhealthily large consumption of pink wafers. It was brilliant. Summer was gorgeous, showing off how she can run around already as well as say ‘Moo’ every time you say ‘cow’ and ‘Baah’ every time you say ‘sheep’. It is quite disturbing how hysterical we, as adults, get every time she does it. It just doesn’t get old. Her new trick today was picking up on the way we go ‘Mwah!’ whenever we kiss each other goodbye. She now says ‘Maaahhh!’ each time she kisses us, which is far more exciting than it initially sounds.

Yes, it was lovely. But I can’t help but keep in mind the people killed in Egypt this week. Egypt Remembers is a hauntingly touching website that lists the names of all the dead, and in some cases gives details of how they met their end. Seeing the family photos and realising that these gentle smiling faces have recently been shot in the head, had their bodies stripped of their belongings, or perished by self-immolation as a testament to their people… it really kicks you up the arse and makes you remember that some of our silly worries really are hilariously selfish. Quite heart-breaking, and a reminder to keep up to date with the news: this may be happening far away, but there are people dying out there and their stories deserve to be heard.

Here’s to a better week, for all of us. 🙂


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