41. You Never Can Tell (plus some yaynews!)

Sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, you have no idea what kind of things that day is going to throw haphazardly in your direction. Sometimes it’s less than you think, sometimes it’s far more than you could ever have expected. It’s a constant, daily upheaval – but it’s the kind of upheaval I like.

Take today, for example. It’s the one day of the week when I’m not scheduled to go into work. I’d planned to research articles to pitch, and read some fiction (I’m currently of the opinion that I haven’t read enough to be able to feel confident placing my authorial voice in any particular genre, so I’m trying to finish a book every week in the name of laziness research) – basically, it was going to be a nice, quiet day.

Instead, it’s been far from quiet. Aside from the massive roadworks that decided to spring up outside my front door (cue so much drilling my house seemed to spend the whole day juddering up and down in a somewhat distracting way), I’ve heard some seriously bad (and unexpected) news from a friend, had an impromptu houseparty for my housemate’s birthday, and – most importantly of all – been confirmed as the new intern from Domestic Sluttery.

This last snippet of news has somewhat rocked my world. Domestic Sluttery has been a long-standing favourite website of mine, with it’s content and writers’ voices being so in tune with what I felt I was about that I’ve sort of always felt like writing for them would be the ultimate job. That, teamed with the fact that I spend great portions of each day trying to talk myself out of buying everything they mention (such as this gorgeous lamp today – perfect for my bedroom by the way, and just so cute I want to squeeze it), means that the fact I am going to intern for them over the next four weeks is just about the best news I could hope to hear. Wine, cake and drumstick lollies all round.

The fact is, you never can tell what your day is going to bring. But sometimes – just sometimes – it brings so much more than you bargained for, and that makes the thought of getting up each morning that little bit more exciting.


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