45. RECIPE: Lemon Lovecake

Oh, alright, for those of you who are in love this Valentine’s, or who are at least in love with cake, here’s a cute little recipe I got from Mama. I think it’s a variation on one she got when she was cooking at a school once, so I’m sorry I can’t credit it properly. Now shut your cakeholes and eat.


300g plain flour
15g baking powder (roughly 2 tsp)
150g margarine
150g sugar
2 eggs
Pinch of salt
Lemon curd


1. Place all ingredients except the lemon curd into a processor and mix well.
2. Roll 1/2 the dough out and place into a greased tin. Cover the dough with lemon curd.
3. Roll the remaining dough and place on top of the lemon curd.
4. Pinch the edges and mark a criss-cross with the tip of a knife on top.
5. Bake on 150C, 300F or gas mark 2 for 30-40 minutes or until lightly golden.

Picture taken from carolyn.will‘s photostream.


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