48. Songs of My Week

Today was my first day interning for Domestic Sluttery. It has been super fun so far, and I already have Big Important Tasks to complete that are making me all gooey with excitement. I’ve also already met my worst fear (and ongoing bad habit) and gone totally tongue-tied once, so at least I don’t have to worry about going blank any more because it’s already happened. Now that’s out of the way I can hopefully relax and get on with doing my best.

Ahem – that said… I tweeted earlier about how I was excited to be sharing my Nonno’s Sultana de Fleur recipe today. And then I realised I left the recipe at work, where I had been planning on sharing it yesterday. So NO DICE, PEOPLE – you will have to wait until tomorrow. Of course, this is all really just one big ploy to build suspense, and isn’t even a little bit because I’m a bit of a div. Nope.

So I’ve decided that today I shall continue the musicey-theme of the last few days and share the five songs that seem ingrained in my mind this week. I don’t know if I’m alone in having songs that seem to frame each week (sometimes each day) and keep circulating around the gap between my ears, but sod it – I’m going all self-indulgent and telling you what this week’s soundtracks are, even if you don’t even care. So there. Perhaps you could counteract this by telling me yours?

1. Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror

Mostly because my colleague yesterday asked Sophie and I whether ‘if we were going to sit there murdering songs all day, we could at least murder a good one?’ We asked him for his requests, and this is what he came up with. All together now for the end bit (from 3:30 to be exact): “If ya wanna make the world… a better place… take a look at yaself… and make that… CHANGE – HOO!… HOO!… HOO!…HOO!” Yeah. We did awesome.

2. Jonie Mitchell – My Old Man

This is an old favourite that keeps haunting my brain cavity and doing the rounds, especially when I’m feeling all whimsical and heartachey. I especially like “He’s my fireworks at the end of the day, he’s the warmest chord I ever heard” and “He tells me all his troubles, and he tells me all my charms”. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

3. Bruce Springsteen – Aint Good Enough For You

Since being released in November last year, this song has quite relentlessly dominated Radio 2  to the point that you start to wonder if there are actually other songs, or whether this, James Blunt’s Goodbye My Lover and Rumer’s Slow are just the only ones out there. And yet – unlike the other two – this one hasn’t got old. And even if it’s about unrequited love, it’s still extravagantly joyous to the point that I always feel a bit whizzy-roundy after I’ve heard it.

4. Jim Reeves – He’ll Have To Go

Much as I’m dying of shame as I give my sensationally passionate love of Radio 2 away here, I first heard this one of the way to work some months ago on a dreary, bleakly sunny Saturday morning, listening to my favourite ‘Sounds of the Sixties’ show. All street cred is officially out the window now, but listen to the words. There’s something so haunting about the way he’s so calm and dignified as he sings ‘Do you want me? Answer yes or no, darling I will understand.’ It’s been on repeat in the jukebox of my soul this week (YES I just typed that, DEAL WITH IT), and I think it may stay there forever.

5. Sir Mix A Lot – Jump On It

Maybe one of the worst songs ever. Probably, actually. But ever since drunkenly at a party a couple of weeks ago my housemate and I started dancing to it exactly like this:

…it has become one of the funniest things ever in the history of funny things. It is now an all-time classic in our household.


2 thoughts on “48. Songs of My Week

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  2. Ain’t good enough for you is not my personal favourite on The Promise album. Always interesting to see which songs attract the most attention.

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