49. NOM: Sultana de Fleur by Nonno Papa

My Grandad Papa was a whizz in the kitchen. His spag bol is still legendary, and he and Nonna knew how to do a mean roast, but heck quite frankly even the jelly with tangerine pieces in it was a firm favourite in my youth no matter how simple a notion it was.

And yet that was not the only pudding for which he was well-loved. He also liked to invent them left, right and centre, and – a la Del boy – name them pretentious French names even if he had no idea what they meant. It always made us laugh. Sultana de Fleur was perhaps the best – and when I eat it now, even four years after he passed away and twelve years after Nonna – I still remember being in their warm little kitchen having a laugh and watching them argue about who was going to do the washing up. If we were really good, we got a sweetie from the bowl after ‘n’all.


8oz self-raising flour
4oz margarine
3oz caster sugar
Pinch of salt
6oz sultanas
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 pint of milk


1. Rub the marge into the flour.
2. Stir in the caster sugar, salt and sultanas
3. Stir in the beaten eggs and enough milk to make a slightly looser mixture than a scone-type dough
4. Place in greased pie dish and sprinkle with caster sugar
5. Bake on 180 for about 30 minutes.

Et voila!

Obviously, it’s pretty imperative to serve this with warm custard and good conversation. Bonnet de douche! God bless ya, Grandad.


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