50. Twitter Comes Together For Libya & Christchurch, New Zealand

Yes I haven’t blogged for three days blah blah SHUT UP – and think about the fact that there are at least two far more important things for us to worry about today: the continuing violence in Libya, and the devastating earthquake that has just struck Christchurch, New Zealand.

I can’t claim to comment on these events with any authority, and I wouldn’t want to: there are bigger and better news journalists out there doing a fine job already. But I did just want to say how remarkable I think social networking has proved in the wake of these crises – never before have we had so much information so readily accessible at our fingertips, and I’ve not seen the evidence of so many attempts to help share this information before. It actually gives me a little flicker of hope that there are enough good people out there to at least make things a little bit better.

Here are a few of the resources flying around Twitter at the moment (sorry I can’t give Twitter names for where I found them – but thank you to Twitter as a whole for spreading these links for the world to see):


1. Libya February 17

This is probably the best site I’ve found – they’ve tried to compile all the main news, videos and pictures of the devastation in order to give you a building picture of the situation.

2. Google Maps of the violence

This is admittedly built of unconfirmed reports in some cases, but as the creator says there is sketchy media coverage at the moment and all the claims they make on the map have been investigated before being featured.

3. Liveblog of events on The Guardian’s website

Keep up to date here.


1. ABC News live video stream of updates

2. Pictures of the devastation

3. Google Person Finder

A great resource established on Google to help you if you have loved ones in New Zealand you would like to find.

4. Red Cross Campaign

Perhaps the most important link of them all – here is where you can give a few pennies (or more, if you can) to help the people affected.



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