5 Things What I Have Done This Week What Are Cool

Here are five excuses why I haven’t blogged more often this week. It’s okay, they’re good ones.

1. MONDAY: Ate free ice cream for lunch

Sian, editor extraordinaire of Domestic Sluttery, and I went to Covent Garden to be the first to sample the ice creams at super-sexy venue The Icecreamists. It was quite an experience. You can read the fabulous review here.

2. TUESDAY: Drank too much Gin & Elderflower

You may be finding out more about this soon, but basically it’s bloody good fun.

3. WEDNESDAY: Been to Birmingham for a Tasting with work

I spent Wednesday and Thursday in the ham of Birming drinking wine, eating Thai food and having my name publicly forgotten by my boss in front of a room of eighty people (haha, it’s okay Ewan, I forgive you!). The event was a wine tasting quiz and it was rather amusing to see the members getting all competitive and gun ho. All in all it was super fun.

4. THURSDAY: Was Liberated From My Desk For An Afternoon

“Technical difficulties” ensued once I’d returned from the Tasting, meaning I could not do my usual job for about three hours yesterday afternoon. This meant I did lots of odd-jobs, some of which allowed me to go OUTSIDE. Okay, this one doesn’t sound cool at all but believe me it SO WAS. It was actually SUNNY. I was running around outside with boxes and NO COAT ON.

5. FRIDAY: Spoke to one of my idols on the phone

I can’t say who it was, but I can say they are a LEGEND that I’ve grown up with, and it was quite a fabulous moment. They were super-lovely, too.

Pretty good week, actually.


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