Elphaba’s Nine Lives

Things have been quieter than I’ve wanted around here lately. Lots of prattle but not much else. This is because of two weeks of working 52 hours, over six days of the week, plus – very importantly – a very poorly kitteh.

Poor little Elphaba – the two year old bundle of black furry craziness I’ve had since we found her as a stray when she was just four weeks old – has been seriously ill for the past fortnight. It turns out she had a nasty bowel and stomach infection, but there was a period where we thought it might be liver cancer or the dreaded FIP, both of which would not have ended well.

I’m only blogging about it now she’s had the all-clear because I couldn’t really get my head around losing her. The truth is, she’s quite ridiculously special to me. And I know, I know – she’s ‘only a cat‘, but she’s my cat and I felt like I’d failed her.

Seeing her laying there, lifeless, with tubes coming out of her and all her fur shaved off, looking up at you from her cage with sad little eyes… it’s not the greatest feeling. She couldn’t tell me if she wanted me to put her out of her misery or not, and it’d be down to me to make that call. I struggle killing ants, so you can imagine how useless I’d be at deciding enough was enough.

But she’s alright now, and I can go back to feeling a bit more normal. I plan on doing that with some better blog posts. More regular ones, less whingey ones (!!), and more interesting ones. Which means that life in general needs to get a bit more interesting and a bit less whingey. Yes, please!


2 thoughts on “Elphaba’s Nine Lives

  1. I’m so glad your kitty’s better. I worried when I saw your tweet about her nine lives–thought it might mean she had run through them all. With any luck, she’s only used up one on this illness and has a good eight to go.

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