Cures for Sunday Night Blues: Someone Once Told Me

Sunday nights are, without fail, my least favourite part of the week.

It doesn’t matter what I’m doing; whether I’m out with friends, curled up at home, or maybe even doing something remotely productive (oh, don’t laugh) – when it gets past 4pm on a Sunday I may as well dig myself a little hole in the garden and crawl inside until Monday morning because I’m useless to anyone. I get filled with such bitter melancholy, and have done every Sunday evening without fail since I was a little girl. I don’t know why, but it feels like more than the ‘back to school/work tomorrow’ grump.

So Sunday evenings are a time when I long for ultimate comfort, and subsequently turn into an old lady: listening to Alan Titchmarsh on the radio, having long baths, eating crumpets in front of nonsense on TV (bring back Strictly Come Dancing, already!), and whatever you do don’t get me talking because I become queen of whimsical claptrap.

Tonight is no different, and don’t panic but: I am all out of crumpets. There is nothing on TV. It is too hot for a bath. And Alan Titchmarsh’s show is now finished. This means all kinds of trouble, but thankfully I’ve found something else to soothe my aching soul (you see what I mean about the whimsy issue?), and it takes the form of Someone Once Told Me.

Someone Once Told Me is a photography website in which people share stories, wit, and snippets of the kind of wisdom that is blindingly obvious but that we seem to forget about in our day to day troubles. It is pure awesome.

I was going to post some of my favourite images but a. I’m not sure that’s allowed and b. There are just too many. I don’t really think there are any bad ones. So let’s just say:
Some are great because they inspire me to be brave and just do whatever it is I love doing

Some are sweet because they remind me I’m not the only one who has hang-ups about how I look,

…or is feeling a little low about something

…some are so kick-arse it makes me feel fierce even when I have crumpet crumbs all down my front…

…some keep me focussed even though they are a bit bizarre

…others are just so plain simple they make me feel all warm inside.

I cannot stress how much this only skims the surface of just how super this site can make you feel. And don’t even begin to suggest I should do one of my own – I’m already working on it.

There are about 1500 of them so far, with new ones added pretty much every day. Go and find the one that makes you smile the most. Yeah, still with the whimsy thing. I don’t think there’s one that can cure that.

Feel free to post your own words of wisdom below…

Image taken from MeddyGarnet‘s photostream. I hope she has a lovely Sunday evening.


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