New Year’s Resolutions #1: Don’t Be a Rabbit

Firstly, let me qualify that I have achieved a lot this year. Just a few of those things are:

  • Met some truly special people
  • Become a paid writer
  • Worked with one of the best blogs out there, writing about what I love
  • Had some adventures, including absinthe being administered out of a drip, a night on a bench in London, a lock-in, getting mistaken for Lady Gaga, exploding my kitchen, killing an awful lot of ants, and singing songs about knees.
  • Visited Bordeaux and deepened my love of wine
  • Moved house
  • Started a new novel
  • Entered short story competitions
  • Proved I can actually cook
All good things. The last two or three months haven’t been what they could have been though. The year tired me out.

It’s worth remembering that 2011 has been the year of the Rabbit.

I like rabbits, but I feel like towards the end this year I’ve sort of turned into one. A creature of habit, unadventurous, hopelessly timid and a bit foolish. Fortunately, all those metaphorical carrots have helped me see a bit better in the dark, and I feel like now more than ever I know what I want and where I’m going.

And guess what? 2012 is the year of the Dragon.


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