Diet Special #2: I’d Rather Be Curvy Than Hungry

Song: Chumbawamba – I Get Knocked Down

Here we are, a full month into my Weightwatchers shenanigans, and I can officially confirm I’m not Patsy Kensit yet.

You’ll be pleased to know in Week 2 I lost 3lbs, and actually quite enjoyed the food I had. The issue is that due to my bizarrely low ProPoints allowance, I realised I was starting to associate feeling ravenously hungry with succeeding at the plan – not the healthiest thing you’ve heard all day, I imagine.

Let me give you an idea of what I’d be allowed in one day if I didn’t use any of my ‘Weekly Allowance’ (let’s just be honest and call this my ‘Booze and Cake Points’, which can easily be used on a person’s average weekend.)

Daily Allowance: 26 points


One 40g bowl of Shreddies – 4 points (have a look at how much 40g is. I guarantee it’s about half what you’d call a bowl of shreddies)
One ‘serving’ skimmed milk (140ml) – 1 point
Total = 5 points


2 slices of bread – 4 points
1 tsp low-fat spread – 1 point
1 30g slice of roast ham – 2 points
Total = 7 points


One small salmon fillet – 6 points
175g cooked couscous – 5 points
(in the couscous) vegetables roasted in 1tsps olive oil – 1 points
(in the couscous) 1 tbsp raisins – 2 points
Total = 14 points

Total = 26 points.

That’s it folks. No snacks, no treats, no dessert, no wine. A tiny bowl of cereal, an uninspiring sandwich, and a bit of salmon and couscous. END OF FOOD ALLOWANCE, CHUBS.

Yes, I appreciate if I could buy that weird spray-on cooking fat and spend hours researching how to squeeze every last drop of joy out of my food, I’d probably have a more interesting daily lineup of eats. The problem is I HAVE A NORMAL LIFE. We work hard, we socialise, we do stuff like relaxing, paying bills and washing ourselves, all of which take up precious calorie-counting time.

AND YET I managed to stick to the plan EVERY DAY for the whole of Week 3 too. And I weighed myself. And I’d put a pound back on again.

Total weightloss in 3 weeks of sticking to the rules: 2lbs. QUOI?

Week 4 was tricky – I attended a social gathering where it turns out my lovely hostess had bought us all a Chinese. Rather than being a whiny bitch and storming out to buy myself a Weightwatchers readymeal, I said thank you for the obvious act of kindess and ate a small portion instead. And used the rest of my Weekly Allowance for some weekend wine. So sue me.

I then spent the rest of the week being super-good to make up for it. I also did more exercise than usual, but didn’t use my ‘Activity Points’. Weigh in: Put on ANOTHER POUND.

This means that so far this week I have been in full rebellion mode – 2 parties, all of the wine, even a sneaky biscuit or two.
Weigh in today: Put on my final pound (the same amount as the weeks where I ate sweet fuck all), bringing me very nearly back to the start of my journey.

The question is – do I stay or do I go? Is one month enough? Feel free to motivate, placate or berate me in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Diet Special #2: I’d Rather Be Curvy Than Hungry

  1. I found the new WW plan really hard – perhaps because my body was used to it or I had screwed it up so much with yo yo dieting. I’ve been reading up a lot about carbs and evil white sugar, and have a feeling that might be contributing. At the moment, I’m doing Keto which seems to be working well( in fact, the high fat content means I can go hours without feeling hungry – unheard of for me and I’m not 100% whether that’s a healthy mindset).

    Gosh, that was a lot of blabbering! I say, give it one more week, then give it the boot if it’s still not working. BTW did you see that documentary on WW his week?

    • Ooh no, what channel was the documentary on? Was it good?

      Your story sounds interesting actually, and I guess familiar to mine. I did WW before and it worked – but REALLY slowly – so I think I may just have to write it off completely. Keto sounds interesting – I’ll look into that! I REALLY need to curb hunger pangs – it has seriously affected my productivity over the last few weeks.

      • I think it was Channel 4? It was one of those Dispatches ones. It was ok but it didn’t really teach me anything new – it teaches you about points rather than nutrition.

        I actually learnt a lot from the books Crazy Sexy Diet and the Harcombe Diet. The basic theory is, carbs and sugar messes with your insulin and blood sugar levels, which makes you more hungry and more likely to gain weight. The Keto diet is low carb, but then on Saturdays you get to have up to 400g of carbs to fuel you for the rest of the week (a whole Domino’s pizza is about 300g!). You do have to exercise three times a week though. The theory is that your body burns carbs first, so if you have more proteins and fats in your diet (60% fat, 35% protein, 5% carbs during the week) it will burn those first and your fat first, rather than just using up carbs. Hope that makes sense!

  2. Ooh thanks, that does sound great. Sounds a lot like I need to know a bit more about how my body works before I’ll ever be able to lead a non-diet, non-putting-on-weighty kind of life. Worth knowing – and anything other than Weightwatchers is worth a try right now!

    (I’ll try and 4OD the documentary, that does sound like it will make me feel better!) xx

  3. “I realised I was starting to associate feeling ravenously hungry with succeeding at the plan…” Not healthy at all! Many an anorexic could relate to it. My advice for what it’s worth – forget all fashionable/tried-and-tested/up-themselves diet plans. Cut out the things you know are pudge-making – sugar, fried stuff, lots of white bread and pasta, too much wine, dairy, fizzy drinks etc – stuff yourself with the things we all know are good for us (fruit, veg etc – it’s amazing how much you can come to love lettuce!) and DON’T GO HUNGRY. Diets are all about deprivation, hard work and being “good”. Who relishes that? Or if you do, watch out because it can become addictive.
    See it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet, revel in it rather than feeling miserable and deprived, allow yourself a treat or two (once a week?) and concentrate on enjoying life rather than feeling a failure. Believe me, being a bit overweight doesn’t rate in the things you regret when you’re old!

    • “Believe me, being a bit overweight doesn’t rate in the things you regret when you’re old!”
      Bloody hell, them’s wise words. Really puts it into perspective.

      My problem is I’m not sure I can treat myself just once a week… especially as a food and wine writer! Plus I’m a greedy guts. I just need to get creative with healthy treats too. Vegetables are my BEZZA so I’ll start there…

  4. I found weighwatchers a real pain too. It took pretty much most of the day to devise anything interesting to eat for dinner. Also, it seemed to rely too much on creepy low fat food. I have a natural suspicion of anything that is 10 calories and tastes of something, it seems pretty sinister to me.

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