I’m Laura Vickers: a freelance writer, blogger and copywriter specialising in wine, food, booze, books, lifestyle, and women’s issues. I also write women’s fiction.

Cake, Prattle and Soul is my personal blog, in which I write about all of the above.

A few showy-offy bits:

  • I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in English Language & Literature from KCL in 2010.
  • I have an Advanced WSET certificate (merit and distinction), and am about to embark upon my Diploma.
  • I was shortlisted for Young Wine Writer of the Year Award in 2012. I didn’t win, but I did get to meet Oz Clarke…

I’ve also worked in the wine industry (at The Wine Society, as wine columnist for Domestic Sluttery, and also at the Domaine Jones vineyards for the 2012 harvest) for seven years now, and often have my recipes published on Domestic Sluttery.


I’ve been freelance since February 2013, and have written for Harpers, The Wine Society, Hertfordshire Life and Domestic Sluttery among others. I’ve also launched my own drinks blog Vinspire.

Vinspire: I launched this drinks blog with a group of 8 writers in March 2013. Our audience is growing daily, and we cater particularly for the younger generation of modern drinkers. We write about wine, spirits, cocktails, beer, accessories, travel and events.

Harpers: My first freelance piece is due for publication in August 2013. More details will follow shortly.

Hertfordshire Life: I write a monthly food and drink column covering drinks produced in the county and local foodie events, the first edition of which was published in the September 2013 edition.

Domestic Sluttery: I wrote posts (food/drink/travel/homewares/design), a wine column, and recipes for this hugely popular lifestyle blog from 2011-2013. I also ran their social media (Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook) for 3 months earlier this year.

For Book’s Sake: I do book reviews, features and interviews for this excellent feminist book blog. You can see a list of my posts here.

The Wine Society: a piece of mine on women winemakers was featured in their March 2013 Society Newsletter (the full version of this article is here, and was also my entry to the Young Wine Writer of the Year Award 2012), and have written for their blog. I also write their grower profiles.

The Medical Room: I write the copy for medical engineering recruitment and training specialist The Medical Room, and also run their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. I am available for similar copy projects.

You can also read about me writing my first novel (in 2010) by having a look at the Writing section of this blog.

Contact me

If you’d like me to write for you, just want to say hello, or wish to transfer a million dollars from your Nigerian bank account into mine, then please email me. Except that last one. I’m totally not falling for that again.

I also tweet, and have profiles on LinkedIn and IdeasTap.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Laura,

    A life affirming blog if ever there was one. Glad I found it today of all days – made me smile. Good luck with your novel (and all your other novels too – for there will be many I’m sure). Your writing style is at once self-effacing and witty and therefore a delight to read. All the very best to you and those you hold dear for 2011 and beyond.

    – Brian

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  4. I have to confess that I loved your organisation so much that I ended up stealing a little bit of it (ok, it’s just the decision to have a theme for each day, but still).

    Thanks 😀

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  7. Hi Laura, it was such a pleasure to meet you at the Wine Society on Sunday and what a surprise to discover your blog. I love the way you write and your obvious passion for food and wine. Having written my bio for the Society I bet you didn’t know that majored in English Literarature abd Creative Writing at University of Cape Town before I studied winemaking. I had dreams of becoming a novelist! Anyway, I have been at London Trade fair this week and have some MW practice exams before going home on Sunday. I come back mid June for my exams.
    Could you send me the link to the bio you wrote to show my colleagues at Meerlust.
    I hope we meet again Laura,

    • Hi Chris,
      What a truly wonderful surprise and honour to have a message from you on my blog! Thank you so much!
      You’re right, I had no idea you’d done an English degree as well – that’s impressive! And I hope you don’t give up on your dream of a novel – all your travels and wine adventures must provide some brilliant storytelling material. 😀
      I was at LIWF on Tuesday with some Wine Society friends and we loved tasting The Foundry again – obviously we’re sorry we missed you though!
      I’ll email you the link to the profile as soon as I can – and some friends and I also run a wine blog (www.vinspireUK.blogspot.com) and we’re going to be doing a feature on The Foundry wines we tasted soon so if you like I’ll let you know when that’s published. In the mean time, best of luck with your wine exams – I’m sure you’ll ace them, obviously. 🙂

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