Quotations I ♥: A Little Perspective

Good evening,

Just a short blog tonight. I promise to come back in the next couple of days with a super blog containing a gorgeous recipe that will make you dribble all over your keyboard…

I love quotations, I think they encapsulate so much wisdom and can provoke some quite momentous feelings and decisions and inspiration. I tend to live by them, and each week I use them to guide me in a way that is probably wholly unhealthy and frankly a bit mental.

Here are three quotations that have stirred me this week, or made me remember that things aren’t as simple as I fear:

1. Writing

Russell T Davies: “Writing isn’t just a job that stops at six-thirty… it’s a mad, sexy, sad, scary, obsessive, ruthless, joyful and utterly, utterly personal thing. There’s not the writer and then me; there’s just me. All of my life connects to the writing. All of it.”

2. Body Image

‘Belle de Jour’ in ‘The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl‘ speaking on her idea of what is ‘sexy’:
“Holding your stomach in when your clothes are off is not fuckable. Slapping your ample behind and inviting him to ride the wobble is.”

3. Life

This last one is somewhat more personal as it’s from a conversation I had today, and as such I don’t have a written record so it’s quite a bit paraphrased.
Grandpa: “You know all that anxiety you have that you’re not getting anything done, and that you’re not achieving things as fast as you want to? Well that never goes away. You always feel like there’s more you could be doing.”

Please feel free to lob any other good quotations my way, so I can stash them in my mind and use them to make irresponsible decisions.


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